Summers end…

 There was a nip of fall in the air. Amy and Steve were an inseperable pair. There was an ease in their conversations. And a comfort in their closeness. It was enough for her just to have him around. And yet when evening fell and she went home to her own bed she ached for him there.
Steve too longed to share his bed with her. But was unsure if he was willing to risk losing such a friend as Amy had become.

One afternoon they took a stroll in the woods. The autumn leaves falling around them signaling the change of life. Hand in hand they walked taking in the sights and smells and sounds.  Amy stopped and looked at Steve. There was something in her face he had not seen before. With all of her courage she began to speak.
” I know about your first wife.” Stunned to silence Steve sat down on the nearest stump. Amy placed herself at his feet and continued. “I found letters in your moms things. I know i should of said something before. But i was afraid of losing you. And i may yet. I have spoken to her. And i know of your desires. I am yours if you wish me to be. For i know that without you i am not whole.”  She stoped and stared deep into his eyes, waiting for his answer.

Steve was angry, but only for the slightes of a moment. Here before him on bent knee was his goddess. In willing suplication. Asking for him to own her. There was no need for converstion. No need to explain his life choices. All he had to do was take her. For she came to him knowing and willingly. He gazed deep into her brown eyes and finally in a soft voice asked but one word. WHY?

You have owned me heart and soul from the first day we met. Out in the garden i sat at your feet and knew my home was there. You have held me with gentleness. Never once pressing upon me. And yet i have seen longing in your eyes. I live every day with only one thought. To please you in every way i can. And i will hold you in my heart for as long as i live no matter where life takes me.

Pulling her to her feet Steve held her in his embrace. Nose to nose they stood, sharing one breath. Hearts joined in one rhythem. Souls bound by love, bodies by desire. And finally he kissed her. Lips meeting in a gentle embrace. His hand firmly in her copper hair. Daring her to move. But she would not move, for in his arms was her home. And she knew that soon he would own her body in his bed



  1. ourvoicesraw said,

    January 8, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    again, great job. There are a few typos though that you may want to address but it was really good

    • loneyheart said,

      January 9, 2014 at 10:37 pm

      thank you. It was a piece I wrote a couple of years back and I just transferred it over. I probably should take some time now to edit.

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