summers heat ch 2

  The heat would not let up. And Amy wondered if it was truly the summer or the neighbor that had her so bothered. He had been gone for days. His big red truck had been out of the driveway for the last three days and nights. Did he hook up with someone? And if he did why did it bother her so much. All they had shared was tea and a few flirty glances. But it was making her crazy not knowing where he was and what or who he was up to.

That night as she lay under the fan naked as a jay bird she imagined him outside looking up at her window. She could see his blue eyes looking longingly at her and it filled her with a lustfull passion. She could not help but slowly run her fingers across her stomach and wonder what it would be like to have him touch her. With her eyes closed her hands roamed the curves of her body. Like the touch of a bold lover exploring the peaks and valleys of her body. It made her breath come in ragged heavy beats as her own fingers became his. She could imagine his finely chisled body leaning over her. Why did he have to be so damn sexy?
Suddenly she is pulled away from her lustfull intent by the sound of his truck pulling in.
Leaping from her bed Amy runs to the window and catches his eye as he exits his truck.
He smiles at her and knods is appreciation. At that moment she realizes she is exposed to him. With brazenness she asks him if he is ok,and makes no attempt to cover her bare breasts and firm peaked nipples.
“My mom is sick” is his soft response. She can see the sadness etched in his face. Without thinking Amy ask,”need some company?”
Steve looks at her with a quizical look, but then simply says “Yes”

Amy grabs a sundress from the closet and a bottle of wine from the kitchen and heads across the yard. Steve is out on the swing staring at the stars. There is a sweet sadness in his eyes. She pours them both a glass and sits down crosslegged on the ground in front of him. “tell me about your mom” she says.
Steve looks at her wondering if he dare speak, but her eyes tell him that it is all ok, and he is safe with her. So he begins to let the words flow.
He adores his mom. She is the rock of his world and she is very ill. He has been at her bedside for the last few days. And he is sure that the end is close. The sadness in his words is palpable. It breaks Amys heart to hear him. There is a tenderness to him that makes her yearn for is touch even more.

Sitting there on the ground at his feet listening to him has her filled with comfort. Normally she would of chosen to sit beside a man. But around him she feels more at home here at his feet. It is not something she is even aware of at the moment. But in the time to come she will think back to this night and it will speak volumes to her.

Steve looks at her there on the ground and in spite of his sadness he smiles. Who is this copper haired beauty and why is he so smitten with her? Yes she is beautiful to look at. But there is something else he has yet to find the words for. Slowly he stands, pullls her to her feet, Kisses her gently on the cheek and tells her goodnight. He dare not trust himself with her one moment longer. With one fluid movement he is gone into the night, leaving her standing there barely able to breath. And wondering what just happened.

Back in her room she stares out the window at the stars and wishes like a little girl for one more moment with the boy next door. Little does she know he is staring at the same bright star wishing for another moment in her embrace. Thankfully the stars are listening.

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