Summers Heat ch 3

 She can hear his sobs from her window. It is early dawn and his phone woke them both. Her heart knows his mom has left this earth. Amy gets up, puts on a respectful dress and makes a pot of coffee. Soon she is at his door, cup in hand.
His eyes are rimmed red but he still looks like a gift from the gods. He answers the door in nothing but his jeans. Stripped to the waist and in bare feet he is divine.
Without a word Amy hands him the coffee mug and touches his cheek. Steve sets the mug down and collapses into her arms. Her hair envelopes him. The scent of roses and bubble gum. Somehow the most comforting scent he has ever known. Her pale skin, soft on his. She kisses the tears that fall freely down his cheeks. He feels no need to stop them. For in this womans arms he feels his heart has found its home.

Amy leads him to the couch. And together they curl up. Each one enfolded in the others embrace. There is no world outside. No time to pass, only this moment.

A month has passed and they have spent many a moment together. Amy helping him with his mothers services. Cleaning out the house. Digging through old memories. They have held each other through tears.  Laughed at old photos and simply stared at each other over a cold beer and a hot meal. Steve is strong and steady. Amy finds herself so willing to please him. It is almost foregin to her. This strong willed, self assured young woman. But in his presence she is powerless. Steve treats her with a sweetness she is unfamiliar to. She feels cherished. And yet between them there has still not even been a kiss. It has taken every ounce of control Steve has to not ravage her, much less kiss her. But he wonders if they are truly friends or destined to be more.

The stars have aligned and once again they both are wishing alone in their rooms for one  more moment. But how many  moments can there be?


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  1. ourvoicesraw said,

    January 8, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    i wish there was a love button. This is really good. i love the short intensity of it. great job

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