Summers Heat.. this is the first part of a story.. it is all here in pieces… i hope you enjoy

    The fan hummed above her head, barely moving the air in the room. She lay there on her bed staring at the whirling blades wondering just how much hotter it could get and how much more she could take off and not get arrested.
I clanking sound outside her window caught her attention. And reluctantly she got up to see what was going on.

Next door was her neighbor working on his damn boat again. He made all kinds of racket with that thing. some times late into the evening, disturbing her peace and quiet. But today for some reason she just stopped and stared at him.

He was shirtless. His finely carved body glistening in the heat. Rivers of sweat running down from his shoulders to his narrow waist. He was damn finely carved for a grey headed man.  He stood and turned facing the sun and the sight almost knocked her on her pretty ass. Who knew the neighbor was a greek god? Those were abs better than the 20 something that ran every morning.

Suddenly the heat was of no consequence. She grabbed a chair and her iced tea and watched him work. The clank of his tools like music to her ears. The only heat she felt was the furnace blazing between her thighs as she watched him move.

Slowly she would grab and ice cube and let it melt between her breast. Wondering what his tongue would feel like licking up the cool wetness. She could almost feel his huge hands on her body. And she wanted more.

Leaning out the window she called to him,” Want some ice tea?” she asked.
He looked up and smiled big at her and nodded a yes. Bounding down the stairs she eagerly poured him a glass and bounced across the yard.

His eyes took her in. Gazing at the curves of her body. Suddenly she remembered what she had on. Only a hint of a slip dress, pantyless with the front clearly see through thanks to the melted ice. She made no attempt to cover up. She wanted him to see.

Over a glass of tea they made polite conversation. He was new to town. Single and yes looking. She beamed wondering what it would take to get him to kiss her with those full lips. But she wanted to take her time with this one. He held the promise of fun things to come. And so when his glass was empty she slid it from his hand. turned and slowly let him watch her sway back across the yard, before turning to give him one last smoldering glance at the door.  That smile was so big it could of lit the moon. And she knew the bait was set


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