Winters Embrace…

   Snow was falling outside the window. But inside it was warm. A fire crackled in the hearth. And Amy was as happy as she could be. Her time with Steve had been amazing. He had taught her so many things. And each day brought new joy. She had learned each and every part of her body. Steve had showed her how to bring them each pleasure. And every time it seemed to be better than the last.

Lazily Amy got up and made her way to the kitchen. Soon coffee was brewing and breakfast was almost done. Steve was curled up on the bed looking blissfully into the fire. He looked at her with pride as she entered the room with their breakfast. She was his, and he loved her with all of his heart.
He took her plate from her and slowly began to feed her. Every bite tasted better when he feed her.  When they were done he kissed the syrup from her lips and left her breathless.

She knelt waiting for her master. Dressed in the slip dress from that first night. It was his favorite. Her hair pinned up so that her neck showed. And sky high heels. Because he always wanted her too look like a lady for him. A hint of Obsession behind her ears and down between her cleavage.  She waited for him to come to her. To take her and once again own her. Steve entered the room dressed in only his button fly jeans. The sight of him took her breath away every time.

He pulled her to her feet and genlty kissed her lips. She was his prized posession. The queen of her heart. Every time he held her he felt as if he owned the world. Pressing her against his chest he could feel her heart quicken and her breath become ragged simply by his touch. Steve lifted her off her feet and carried her to the bed. Laying her genlty upon it he stared down at her with awe and admiration. This woman who had capitivated him, who had willingly given him her all. She was his and his alone. And tonight he would make love to her as if it were the last time.

He leaned across her body trailing her from nose to toes with kisses. Her fingers wrapped in his hair holding on to him. Finally he lay beside her holding her in his arm not wanting to let her go. But his desire for her was to strong. Steve rolls between her open thighs kissing her soft milky skin. And soon he is deep within her waiting wetness. The scent of her arousal filling his nose. Slowly his tongue invades her and she curves her hips to meet him. Long slow languid licks are his gift to her. Embracing every soft fold of her womanness. The taset of her o n his tongue sweeter than honey. The hardness of his manhood straining agaist his jeans begging to be released. Soon he can take no more and release himself from the confines of his pants.  Pulling her close to him he places her legs over his shoulders and slides deep inside her.  A low moan escapes her. Amy is enthralled by his masterfull skill. He strums her body like a fine guitar. The slow rhythmic beat of their two bodies becoming one as he takes her to the edge of exstacy and back again. Filling her body with the warm wetness.  And once again she is his. His queen. And she wants to be no where else on this earth.


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