Writing… this is a piece written as a gift for a friend i met on line

    There he sat.. alone on the park bench. A cup of coffee at his side, and a note book in his lap. The words seemed to flow from the tip of his pen on their own. Magical word of love. Words ment for her. But who was she, and when would she arrive in his life?
He had waited for her for so long. That one special woman. One who would read his words and know that they were written just for her. That one special woman who would feel the stir in her inner most depths and know of his passion.

For here on this park bench he seemed like any other guy. But inside of him was a man filled with fire. Filled with the desire to love a woman more than his own self. He longed to find that kindred spirit. One who wanted to be the center of his universe. Who wanted to bask in his adoration. But he had not found her. There were times when he felt close. But alas in the end it had not been that connection.

Suddenly a rogue gust of wind grabbed his writings and sent them out upon the wind. He stuggled to grasp them all. But a few got away. The wind carrying them across the green expanse of the park. One piece floated gently onto the blanket of a young woman sitting beneath the big oak tree. She picked it up, looked around in confusion, and began to read.

Words on a page.. they touched her soul. Slow soft tears began to flow from her eyes. This was the love she so longed for. This was the dreams that filled her each night as she slept. But this was a love she had never known. She was sure this had to have been written by some man deeply in love with some special woman. And it made her heart long for the same.

This  man came strolling across the grass looking for the lost page. Blushing she looked up at him and handed him the page. Her heart lept as she looked up into his eyes. Softly she spoke,”that was beautiful, i am sure your wife will love it”  He was speachless. This glorious creature before him called his work beautiful. Then he suddely realized she said WIFE.  “i;m not married” he stuttered.

Eyes locked in a moment of recognition. Heart beats could be heard like thunder. As he slowly sat down next to her. He handed her what he had written. Hoping the words would leap from the page and into her heart. It was in that moment that love began. And it enjoyed a long and wild journey.

For my friend DREAMPOET. I hope that you find your hearts desire. And that she will read your words and have her heart know that they are written just for her. Stay stong…. be patient…. she is out there waiting for you just as you wait for her. I hope EP is your gust of wind……


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