Busted ( 2011)

  I have been told many times that i live in a black and white world, no grey. Things to me are just easier when everyone says what they think. Sure some times you buffer it with kindness. But you tell one lie, and then another and soon you forgot who you told what to and there you are Busted.
I have looked over at my husband and said “what ya thinking” and the answer STUFF.  Oh how i hate that answer!!!  Even someone with the busiest mind KNOWS  what they are thinking at any given moment. Just Spit It Out.
Share with me, what you hate.What your thinking, feeling, your hopes, plans, dreams. People do not grow together when there is no honesty, they only grow apart.
And would the world not be a better place if we could openly say to anyone, I really think you are amazing! Some people just click, fit, gel, mesh, What ever you want to call it.
There would be less people with stomach ulcers if they did not have to keep inside all of the annoyance and resentment they feel.
And i am damn sure there would be less grey hair if we all just had the nuts to be honest.
People would not be living in marriages that died long ago.
Parents could say to their kids ” I will always LOVE YOU but i sure don’t LIKE YOU right now”
The smiles would be real and so would the tears but at least they would be honest.
So do not waste my time by candy coating the reality of things.
It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but i am a big girl and i can take it.
Life may have given me a tough hide, and you may find me a bit abrasive at times, but that is not all of who i am.
And if you take the time to put your ego on the shelf, and get to know the real me, you might just be amazed at what you


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