Duck and Cover (older piece)

Duck And Cover!!!                                                 I have been shooting for as long as i can remember. When you grow up in Texas it really is just part of your DNA.  I remember my step dad taking us out for the first time. He wanted to make a point. First were some watermelons. They exploded on impact. His words were simply, If that was a persons head would they be alive? We got the point. Life on a farm is true reality. Things there are dinner not pets. You don’t name your food. Some people will say that it is harsh and cruel. I disagree!!  It is the truest form of education in the realities of life. Things do not come easy. She who does not work does not eat. Life is not fair. Sometimes even when you try your hardest you will fail. Failure is not trying AGAIN. And if you are not going to do it right the first time just don’t bother. The mess you create only causes someone else to have to work harder.
Why is this under i love to shoot hand guns? Because those lessons i learned on the farm taught me responsibility. A wisdom far beyond my age at the time. Something that stuck with me and will be with me always. Now i live in a more urban area. Our children do not have the same lessons taught to them in the same ways. But those of us who take our kids to the range and teach them the proper care and use of a firearm are teaching our kids that same responsibility.
Now a days the range for me is a place of relaxation, and stress reduction. I have a little Walther 22. My baby Bond Girl gun. And i can stay out there for a couple of hours. Blow about 15.00$ in ammo. And come back home a nicer person. I leave it all on the range.
Chunking some lead at a target is much better than chunking a fist at someones head. Or tossing angry words. We all need a way to decompress. Some people do yoga, some run, some drink. I shoot.
And to be honest i also shoot a bow and arrow. but it is somehow not as satisfying as the sound of lead against a metal target. But on days when i do not have the time to go fling lead, flinging arrows will do.
So after a day in the salon, dealing with a level of vanity i do not understand. I do not have to threaten to choke a client i just say Duck and Cover, I am headed to the range.


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