Hell Yes!!!!!

   When i was a little girl my hair was red. Red like an Irish Setter. And my mom used to curl my hair on rags so i looked like Shirley temple.
To be honest i was one girlie girl. And i still am, now i just have a few more rough edges. As i got older that nasty brown tried to take over my hair. And thus began my love affair with color. Now that is really the reason i became a hair dresser. these days i must admit to helping nature out just a bit. I love my hair red. I want it blazing like fire. I have worn it other colors over the years but i always go back to the red. It makes me feel powerful and sexy and a force of nature. The saying that blonds have more fun is a load of crap. Redheads know what real fun is. they will lead you down a garden path, take you on one wild ride and leave you picking rose bush thorns out of your butt begging to do it again. We are passionate and powerful. We have a determination un matched by anyone or anything. Just dare to tell a redhead that she can’t do something and you will find out real quick that not only can she but she will be it better than it has ever been done before.
Finally in hair fashion we are in the season of the redhead. And you will see it worn on many a woman but i promise you, just talk to one and you will find out quickly if that was the color given to her by god or lady clairol. Because it is more than just a color, it is a way of life, it is the unbreakable spirit of a woman with a mark to leave on the world


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