I sing, Dont we all? (2011)

 This is kinda funny. We all sing but some of us take to it like a duck to water. Mom says my first words were not spoken but sung. Some silly jingle off the tv. Music is like a saving grace in my life. It speaks the words you can not seem to find sometimes in a moment of intense feeling. I have been writing and singing my entire life and at some point mom though ” hey see is pretty good” . I sang in school functions and for friends at parties but that was about it. Long before American Idol there was “You can be a star”. I wanted to be on it more than life it’s self. But you needed three songs on an audition tape. At some silly fair we came across a portable recording studio and my parents let me do one. It was amazing and the most fun i had ever had. I begged for the remaining two needed for the audition but my parents”ever the control freeks” said NO. After that i sand at school a few more times and then I got married at 19. All of my focus was on being a good wife and later an even better mom. I went to school and became a hairdresser. My other passion. And at that i am very good. Just ask my clients they will tell you. I love my job but i miss singing in front of people. You never know though.One of these days I may take the leap of faith and go enter one of those silly contests and be the old lady who blows our doors off. I look at is as a gift, one that should not be thrown away or wasted. So until then i will sing in the shower, in the car, and louder than the vaccume cleaner, and enjoy every blissful musical moment of it. And i hope that everyone else does to. Because it does not matter what you sound like as long as you let the words flow thru you and over you like the magic that they are.


1 Comment

  1. dievca said,

    January 10, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    I cannot sing….so enjoy. (But, I dance very well…)

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