My One True Companion (older piece)

        to say i grew up in chaos would be an understatement. But most days i choose to let the past be just that  THE PAST. I do know that i would not of survived life without music. When i can not find the words for the moments in my life, like magic a song appears that says just what i need to say. My mother says i never spoke, i sang. I have realized that i to not sing like a used to. Many reasons have silenced me but mostly a sadness in my soul. But i can tell you without reservation that i can feel that music deep inside desperately wanting to get out, and slowly i have been stretching the old vocal cords and letting the music flow over me. It can heal, wound, mend, cut you to your very soul, but it is always there if you just shut up long enough to listen. So as my dear friend says  DAMN THE DJ SHE IS AT IT AGAIN. and today she has washed over me with beautiful calm. Thank god for the music.


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