Who will you get? ( a piece from 2011)

  I have always said that being born a Gemini made me an honest suffer of Multiple Personality Disorder.
There is the girl everyone knows. She is now a grown woman who is motivated, dedicated, loyal, hard working. She owns her own business and can pay her own way. She is a faithful wife and a good mother. She gives to others without a thought. Spends her last dollar to help a friend. And has literally given a stranger the shoes off her feet. She is meek and mild and will suffer extreme sadness and self hurt before doing anything that would hurt another person. All in all SHE is someone that others admire.

But then there is THE OTHER ONE.
She is still determined, self motivated, and hard working. But she loves a stiff drink, Big 80’s hair, clevaege for days and a mini skirt with hooker heels. She plays her music loud. Could spend the night on the dance floor. And will punch you straight up if you get in her personal space without an invitation. Secretly would love to be a Burlesque dancer, wishes she had not given up her dreams to be a singer. (and yes she has talent). Loves porn, and SEX. Is pickey about who she is attracted to but once she is will give you one wild ride. Loves women as much as she loves men. And if given the chance would happily play with both at the same time.

These two people live inside of me. And so you may wonder about my sanity from time to time. The good one is in control, she is the decision maker, the other one controls my emotions. And she is a wreck waiting to happen. 

Every day theses two struggle inside of me. Everyday one of them wins the battle, and the other hides in the corner licking her wounds, waiting for a chance to strike back and win a moment of control.
I wish they could find a way to play nice and find me some middle ground to live in. A little space where there is no power struggle. But i have not found it yet. So until that day the good one will live in my world, with the husband, the daughter, the business and the friends looking and acting like June Cleaver and the other one will have to live here in blog land. She is the one who will talk sex with you until someone has to stop and go scratch one mad itch. Strange thing is the good one lives here too. She is the one who will talk you off a ledge, help you thru the pain of Child abuse, and tell you that you will survive. She is strong beyond belief. So if you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on, give her all call. She always answers.
So the end of this very long story is this. Yes there are two of me, and to be honest i like them both, but on any given day you never know who your gonna get so tread lightly until you figure it out, and if you really need the other one to show up just ask, I’ll find


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