Rebirth.. a piece written about my home post forest fire

Fire blackened land
scorched beyond life
The world left scared
heart full of strife

Lives torn asunder
Tears left to flow
I am left  to wonder
as i stare at the glow

Will time ever fix it
can it heal the wounds
Will life come back
to this land that looks like moon

Rains fall, winds blow
the world returns to its rhythm
Time moves on, ever forward it goes
And still i stare at this chasm

Homes once stood, so full of life
Kids once played on swingsets
Now only rubble, with tears in their eyes
They wonder where they will sleep tonight

A patch of grass, it dares to grow
in ash so deep and black
i look at it in awe and wonder
and know that life will come back

Nothing can stop its spirit
Love lives here in this place
If you only stop you’ll hear it
Lives full of hope and grace

We will not stop and stand
broken like a twig
for we are all to grand
so surrender to this thing

Like a phoenix we will rise
And show just what were worth
Kings and queens will rise
and from the ash Rebirth


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