I used to love my job. In fact I still have moments when I do. But the physical pain and the frusteration with humanity is beginning to wear on me. Why the fuck does a woman over 50- almost 60- need to look like a foolish floosie and have Barbie blond hair to her waist? And why after not seeing her NORMAL Stylist for 7 months does she come to me and say ” Do what ever you like as long as I am blond” and then when I am done after 3 hours of work say she loves it to only call me back to say “it’s not BLOND enough”

Why does the woman with the Layered Bob bring me pictures of the exact same hair cut she has and say “but I want this one”

I am losing patience with people. I have not had a hair cut from someone else in over 2 years. A simple lack of time and trust. The last person to shampoo my hair was my Darling Boyfriend in the shower a few months back. I am tired,and I hurt and I am really over it.

I used to say that I knew I needed some time off when I started dreaming about doing hair. Now I am to the point of having arguments with clients in my sleep about their hair. How its not just Perfect, when I am still working on it. I need to quit. But I need a different job. I did not win the money lottery, but I did when the wonderful man lottery. So for now I am going to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. I am just annoyed with people right now.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear. Thanks for the virtual hugs that are about to follow, because there are still some lovely people in the world. And thank you for letting me fuss like a small child and waste a few minutes of your time. I promise to do the same for you  when ever you need the same.



1 Comment

  1. shygirl said,

    January 31, 2014 at 12:25 am

    Sometimes it just feels good to stamp your feet and let it out!! Been there, for sure! Here’s to better days and nicer people..

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