I like… older but still true

I LIKE…  Blue roses when most people like red. Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but i prefer Amber to diamonds any day. Cities are great for shopping but small country towns are best for raising happy kids. Most girls like Channel #5 but it only makes me itch. Give me organic lotion with lavender oil and i smell as pretty as a flower. Some girls wear bows in their hair, I would rather have a bow that shoots arrows. You would think that a steak dinner would be the perfect date night out, but give me my best guy and a pizza and the world is perfect. I live in the mountains but would love to spend winters by the beach. I don’t make friends easily but when i do it’s for life. If you read this and think, Wow she’s lost her mind, it’s ok because i live my life guided by my HEART. Now tell us all WHAT YOU LIKE


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