Snow day

It was snowing outside. Not those light lovely flurries, but dumping buckets and buckets of heavy wetness. She wanted to stay home but she knew that beauty waited for no one. So she dressed for the blizzard and grabbed her keys. As her hand touched the door knob he grabbed hold of her and asked, ” What do you think you are doing?”. ” Going to work” was her blank starred response. He gently took her keys from her hand and dropped them into her open purse. “I am driving you” was all he said. In a few minutes they were in his nice warm truck braving the treacherous roads. “Drop me by the road, I can walk in”. His soft glare was followed by “I will drop you at the front door”. She shook her head and smiled. She was indeed a lucky woman.

The day was busy in spite of the weather. And at its end her ever valiant King gathered her up in his chariot and drove her back to their castle.

Morning broke and yet more nasty snow had fallen over night. Today she was not going anywhere. Vanity would just have to wait. She tossed another log on the fire and poured him coffee and herself a cup of tea. From bed they watched the news and waited for his phone to ring. Home or work, that was the yet to be answered question. The call came and he squeezed her hand to let her silently know that he as hers for the day. Slipping into the kitchen she began to make him breakfast. His favorite, biscuits and gravy with sausage. The smell brought him out of the bed and next to the fire to warm his naked flesh. How she loved the sight of him like that. His ease in his own skin made her smile. She had yet to become so confidant and comfortable. He wandered into the kitchen and snuggled up behind her. “OH NO. not now” she giggled. “breakfast first”. His grin almost won her over as he said, “oh but you are breakfast”. Handing him a plate she spun out of his grasp and kissed his neck. “Soon my king” and made sure he has his fill of the spread laid before him.

By late morning the snow had not let up. And he had braved the weather to feed the dogs and extra helping and to haul in more fire wood. Chilled to the core he was in desperate need of warming up. She filled the garden tub and shooed him into the bath. The scent of vanilla and lavender filled the room. Sinking into the inviting depths he let out an audible sigh. Smiling he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the tub with him. Her lace gown now clung to her curves and his eyes flashed a wicked grin of appreciation. She tried to take it off, but he made her leave the clinging fabric on. She began to wash his back and shoulders, running her fingers thru his hair. How she loved his long hair and its gentle curls. And how he loved it when she started stroking him like that. He leaned back against her full breasts and looked up into her soft brown eyes. “Kiss me my Queen”  and she did. Long and soft and deep. The longing in her body had reached its peak and she could no longer deny him. As he lifted her from the tub she laughed a gentle lilting laugh. Thank goodness for the roaring fire stopping the chill in the air. Damp and nearly naked was not the best combination.

Depositing her on the bed he pealed her from the wet gown and slowly ran his fingers across her alabaster flesh. Water drops sparkling like diamonds on her skin in the fire light. Lowering himself down next to her he began to kiss her raspberry lips. She always tasted of fruit or mint, and he loved that. He spent the next hour exploring her every inch. He kissed and touched and rubbed her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, but never delving into the depths of her now puddled womanhood. He listened to her contented purrs and watched her body rise and fall into his hands with every caress. She was finally relaxed. She never stopped, she was always fussing about, taking care of him, of everyone. To see her this way made him deeply happy. Brushing his lips along her neck her whispered in her ear, “now you will be my lunch, and don’t you dare try and tell me NO.” “I would never” she sighed. And with that she kissed him long and hard and deep and enjoyed being so completely devoured.




  1. dandilyonz4u said,

    February 5, 2014 at 12:33 am

    Omg, you make so much happen with so few words.

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