time, love, and the truth of it all


her own insecurities plague her mind

but she looks into his eyes and sees the depth of his love

There is no question there

She fills in the dark places of his heart with light

He has grounded her in sunnier days

Letting go of the pasts dark paths

They see in each other a future that was once only dreamed of

True, they can not go back and change things they wish they could

She can not fix the fact that her basket is eggless

Nor can she change the reality that she is old enough to be called cougar

They can not erase the past lovers of their lives

Or give up the marriages that came and went

But they can surrender full of heart

And show unending devotion to one another

She can give him the unquestioning love of her grandchildren

He can give her the undying love of his heart

They share a home, and bed and dogs and friends

Laughter is as common as breathing

And in the darkness of the night he is wrapped around her body

like he is wrapped in her heart

Time came late to them

but it holds a promise of years left to come

of dreams and hopes yet to unfold

And of insecurities left behind on a road no longer traveled


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