She is never enough

she is a woman of passion

she has words that sometimes flow with such desire and intent

she has learned how to find her own confidence

and in that, how to lure a man into her grasp

but yet

she is unsure

for time has shown her one thing

she is lacking

for she has not the ability to keep them

that which she desires so deeply seems to not desire her

there is no doubt of his love

it is so clear in his eyes in his face

he does not touch her flesh

but his touch seers her soul

his fingers do not trace her skin

but they have a firm grasp on her heart

there are these moments when she feels no more than an outlet

a vessel for his need

And yet

there are times when she is wrapped in his arms she can feel more

What is she missing

what does she lack

all she wants is to know

because she has lost her heart to him

and she needs to know if her heart can survive

or if she needs to lock it away to save it from breaking beyond repair






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