the finish line, and fashion

Imagewhen I was a young girl my entire goal was to be married and raise a family. I had no educational goals. I just wanted to be a good wife and mother. Then I turned 19 got married and realized that I needed to have a career. My spouse was not going to be the kind of man who took care of things.

After I grew up and began watching my daughter grow I tried to encourage her to be financially independent and to find a match in a partner who was her equal. Not just financially but in their life goals. Life works when you have someone who works with you not against you.

So many young women have no dreams or aspirations. They are like I was and saw marriage as a finish line. But even if being a stay at home mom is your dream ( and trust me it is the hardest job on the planet) it is not the finish line. Life takes work. Love takes work. Just because you got the guy to Put a ring on it. Does not mean you get to quit. I see so many people who just stop. They used to dress better, do their hair, put on some makeup, wear clean clothes. But they snagged a partner and now they live in jeans and t shirts. What the hell is sexy about that?

I get dressed every day, and yes I wear jeans. but not always. And it seems that my chosen attire causes drama. Men appreciate the effort, women get bent because their man compliments me. And I want to look at them and say “Hey, you don’t have to look like a HOUSEWIFE”. Women in general are already beautiful creatures. It takes so little to enhance your god given attributes. For heavens sake, how hard is it to put on a skirt from time to time. Yesterday I wore a black dress with a full skirt and some black boots. Nothing fancy, just classic. And you would of thought no one ever saw a girl in a dress. I got hugs and whistles and compliments galore. And bitchy glares from wives. It took less time to put that on than a pair of old sweat pants and ratty t shirt.

I just get frusterated with people. Marriage is not a finish line, put the start to a marathon race. It is long and slow and if approached correctly can be tons of fun and filled with happiness. Especially if it is done in pretty shoes and some lipstick.


  1. hispetitelle said,

    February 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    Yes! It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. I wear jeans a lot, but I still have a young son that I run around with. However, I wear nice jeans and I’ll either have on cute flats or a pair of heels. I wear ponytails a lot, but my big hoop earring look perfect with that. I keep my skin in good condition so a little concealer, tinted lip gloss, and mascara do so much. My tshirts are all v-necks and I always wear pushup bras. I make sure they are fitted T’s and in colors that compliment my skin tone. Minimal effort, maximum results. I have solid employable skills and have worked p/t on and off while my kids are young. You can’t give up on life and you must always change and grow.

    • loneyheart said,

      February 21, 2014 at 6:56 pm

      And that is busy mommy done right. There is effort. and I can bet that on date night you ditch the pony, add some extra mascara and dump the flats for some heels. It is the little things that make a huge difference and keep the partners in our life happy and engaged.

      • hispetitelle said,

        February 21, 2014 at 7:06 pm

        Date night I’m smokin’ hot, baby! In all of that too I have cute purses and my Jackie O sunglasses!

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