I will never fully understand a woman’s mind….

Of course not. Because a woman’s mind is the play ground in which you explore and learn but are never meant to fully grasp.


It is funny how we are such complex creatures. We want to know it all. But in life it is the not knowing that makes it all so enjoyable. It is the learning and trying to discover. The adventure of it all. We can not simply fall back on the knowledge we have. Because everyone is different. Age teaches us new tricks. And makes us adjust our skill set. What worked at 20 may not now. What we thought was sexy at 30 is no longer what we desire. We are not meant to know all there is about the opposite sex because we are meant to spend a life time learning our individual partners. How they are wired. What makes them tick. I for one love the learning. I think it may be lesson time.


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  1. cjriordan said,

    March 3, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    I agree 100%. The journey of discovery is my favorite part. Lately though, it feels like my cynicism has clouded that enjoyment. Time to blow the dust off my innocence I guess. 🙂

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