Darn it

ImageI have been living with shoulder pain for some time. And I knew it was getting worse, but honestly I do not have time in my life to whimper about a little discomfort. Well it is more than a little discomfort, it HURTS. Lifting my arm Is a challenge. And since I am a hair dresser of 23 years and only 5′ 3″ tall the entire world is above my head. So I finally caved to a trip to the physical therapist. It seems that I have  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Simply put the scalene in my neck ( this silly triad of muscle) are tightened and are squeezing the life out of the blood vessels and nerves that feed mostly the right side of my upper body. So as I live and work and move the blood flow is restricted and causes wicked pain and numbness. Que the dropping of everything…

So now it is physical therapy twice a week for as long as it takes to make it stop or until my check book cries uncle. At least now I know and can really watch my body mechanics. It seems my posture is ATTROCIOUS. Well I guess I better leave my big girl panties on and suck it up. A little pain never killed anyone, Right?


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