Life is good. Not just that ok kind of good. But that kind that makes you stop and catch your breath kind of good



The air was warming up and the world felt alive. Flowers were beginning to bloom everywhere.  She had so much running through her head and the noise in town would not let her think. So she had jumped in the car and headed out to her favorite spot. There in the gentle clinking of the aspen leaves she could process all of her thoughts. She spent some time remembering the happy moments of her childhood. And then cried through some of the not so happy ones. She laughed at her youthful exuberance as she married her first husband and began the career that had carried her for so many years. She remembered the birth of her daughter, the greatest achievement of her life. And then smiled as she began to make plans for her upcoming nuptiuals. How she loved and admired that girl. She took some time and came to grasp with the reality that the life she had once planned never really was meant to be. Her marriage had given her a career and a daughter. It had also given her time to grow and become a better woman. But In the end, the two of them had never been a good match. And that was ok.

At that moment she was exhausted and happy. So she lay back on the big rock soaking up the afternoon sun. As the warmth filled her she could almost feel his warm arms around her. She had been given a gift. The love a good man. There were so many reasons why they worked. First of all, because they wanted to. Love is not always easy. But they had made a promise to always talk things out. He understood her past in a way that others never had. They had shared so many similar moments growing up. And it seemed that they knew things without even having to explain. They shared the same passions and hopes for a future. And in those moments when life got in the way he somehow knew exactly what to say or do to make it all easier. He was loving and kind and generous to her daughter. And that was, to her, more important that anything else.

Yes life was indeed good. People say, don’t look back, but sometimes you have to. You need to stop and look at where you were. To understand that where you are going is in the right direction. To make sure that you are choosing to not make past mistakes again. To know you learned that lesson the first time around. To show honor and respect to those people from your past, even if they were not good for you, because their action in your life helped to mold the you now. The one who can see life’s good. The one who can accept love. The one who knows that her future is a grand place. And is willing and ready to have many many more years filled with love.



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  1. March 13, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    Beautiful 🙂

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