Coming undone

Things were not falling apart, in fact they were all falling together. Puzzle pieces of life falling into perfect place. And yet she was coming undone. Looking in the mirror she saw the same face, same hair. Even her skin felt the same under her finger tips. But she knew something was not quite right. All day it ate at her like some voice at the back of her mind. A soft scream in the darkness, warning of danger lurking just around the bend.

Tea she thought. That always soothed a jangled nerve. Slowly she sipped her way through an entire pot. But she still felt the world fraying at its seems. Hell what now, pulled at her brain. It had been days since they had made love. Maybe it was simply the need for a soul shattering orgasm. But those only came when he was buried in her with his eyes looking into hers. But at this point anything was worth a try. She slipped her hand under her dress and thoughtfully fingered her silken mound. Her heart beating faster. She always felt a little naughty doing this, but she was at the edge of something and needed what was about to come. With fingers buried deep she used both hands and gave into the flood that erupted. Always amazed by her own bodies response she giggled and took a moment to savor before cleaning up and getting on with her day.

But soon that old nagging feeling was back. The day seemed to drag on. Work ran smooth. Happy clients came in and out of her door. Why then was she on edge? She sent her king a message. Speaking of her love and hoping his day was good. Soon came a response that helped her to understand her uneasiness. It seems that his day was having a rough run. She often knew she felt others stress, but tried to put it behind her. And his was like an amplifier in her brain. She could feel it like a tuning fork. Gentle words of encouragement and love where all she sent.

When her days work was done she gathered up her belongings and headed home. Her kingdom, their castle. Safe inside its walls she began preparing their evening meal. She called it food, sustenance for life. He called it love. And above all else she wanted him to know he was loved. When her king arrived home there was enough time for them to sit, hand in hand on the couch and let him vent about his day. She listened with intent and loving eyes. And when he was done she handed him a cup of tea. Even for him tea was a remedy for the soul. Their meal was had and dishes done. Finally they could curl up on the couch and be safe and warm wrapped in each others arms. Somewhere in the fading light he kissed her head and uncurled himself from her. Taking her hand he led his queen to their chambers and there made love to her as if her very kiss where the fountain from which all life sprang. And there in the darkness with his eyes gazing deeply into hers their bodies and souls became one. And in that moment she was no longer undone.


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