Today is….

There is no simple one word description of what today is.

It is warm and sunny and coaxing me out into the outdoors in sandals.

It Is happiness because I finally got to talk to a friend on the phone who shares my unique name.

It is bliss because I woke up next to a man who calls me pumpkin and kiss me like no one else ever has.

It is simple joy because my 4 legged children played on the bed this morning like sweet puppies.

It is more than I could of dreamed possible and full of promise

I have been told that Happiness has been good for me.

That I am so visibly different since I took those big steps in my life

And more so since I fell flat on my face for this amazing man

No he is not perfect. But he is perfect for me.

And every day I strive to be perfect for him

I know I fall short. I know I miss the mark.

Ok the mark in my head is probably higher than reachable

But I have perfectionist issues

and I own them

So today I am simply going to embrace the happiness in this moment.

To breath deep this breath

to laugh this laugh

and love this love

because today is here and now

and tomorrow, if I am lucky I will get to embrace it all over again.


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