Making Pretty…..

What she did was not magic. But, well maybe it was. Often she felt like the combination of sculptor and therapist. Digging beneath the layers of life to find the pretty. All the while listening to the stories of life that made each client so unique. She loved her job, she always had. Even on the days when everyone came in snarling instead of smiling. Mostly because she knew that by the time they left they would at least have a little spring back in their step. Nothing made the world brighter than a good shampoo and to erase a year or 10 with fresh color. Most people thought her job was easy, but they had not spent 20 years behind the chair. Physically it beat the crap out of you. Standing for hours on end, your arms held up in the air like a marionette without the strings. And Mentally, more emotionally as your clients developed a comfort level with you like a beloved friend. They unloaded all of their emotions on you. And if you were empathic like she was, well then you not only heard, but FELT every emotion right along with them.

This day was no different than most. She had a book full and was eager to dive in. Spring was here and that meant change. Women changed their hair with the seasons. And the creative spirit in her was chomping at the bit to get out. Today was one of those days and she would make pretty where ever she could.


  1. dievca said,

    April 18, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    I understand the wear and tear — try to offset it with how much joy and stress relief you bring to people. XO

  2. hispetitelle said,

    April 20, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    Years sitting at a computer beat me up. My back, neck, and shoulders ached. I worked for survival and because of that had our babies later than a woman should and that beat me up even more. The last 3 years I’ve spent slowly getting me back and now I’m starting to see my pretty emerge out of the carved marble. I had such a hard outer shell.

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