That perfect spot

The day was a busy one. Full of hustle and bustle. Her life at the moment was one mad symphony of movement. So much happening all at one time. Her work was a bit slow, but that just meant she had work to do. She needed to re build it after letting everything fall apart when she did. Her baby girl was about to become a bride. And all of the planning was falling into place. But that meant she was even busier. She loved it. The bowling seasons where coming to an end, but now there were tournaments to attend and help run. To someone else it would all be to much. To her it was the sign of a happy life.

She had spent the day doing a 100 little things. Move the couch, vaccume everything, dust, clean the space under the sink, hang pictures, move the bed, move the table, sort, clean,dust, laundry…… On and on. And by the end of the day she was spent. Still she cooked him dinner. Baked chicken, fresh hot rolls, squash and cowboy caviar ( corn, onion, black beans, peppers, and mango). When he got home his kiss was the first thing. She loved his kisses. Dinner and conversation about the day followed. That talk meant so much to her. For him to share his life, even the little things, was a great gift to  her heart. Finally it was Her time.

The two of them curled up on the couch. That perfect spot with her head on his chest listening to the combined rhythm of his breath and his heart. All day she had felt hurried, but here the world slowed. She closed her eyes and felt his kisses on her forhead. All she could do was smile and snuggle in closer. With his chin resting on her head she was finally steady and slowed. Life was indeed filled with may things to bring one joy. But for her this was the perfect place and her perfect moment.


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    April 23, 2014 at 12:08 am


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