She sat in her chair and lovingly ran her hand across her stomach. It had become rounder and softer with age. The lines there were from her only child. She remembered how her body had changed and grown with each passing day. She joking called the stretch marks a down town LA road map. She had wanted more, but that had not been in the cards. Life with her ex had been hard enough as it was. He could barley stand to compete with their daughter for her attention, much less one or two more.

Now years had past and she was a woman with eggs but no basket. Health issues had forced her to let the doctors perform surgery. And by then she had welcomed it. Begged for it in fact. But now, now in the arms of a loving a wonderful man she had MOMENTS. The ones when she wished. Well Kinda. She had begun to understand her ex husbands behavior some. As much as part of her would of loved to have another child. Especially with the man her heart held so tightly. She knew it was all for the best. She was not young any more. And she was now the one who wanted all of the attention her mate had to offer. Instead she would embrace with abandon the grandchildren she was about to inherit. The beautiful shinny faces that called her grandma. And she would hope for the day when her own daughter had road map stretch marks and lovingly rubber her own growing stomach.

If nothing else she had learned this in life… Family is not always blood. And love, real love, will grab ahold of your heart and give you all that you need, if you just let it. With one more glace down she patted her once firmer body and relished in the fact that her heart and flesh now slept happily next to a man who called her beautiful, and princess, and pumpkin, and my Queen. And who loved her curves. And her grandkids.


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