wedding overload leads to fantasy shopping spree

the cake

Days roll into one another. Life at its ever hectic pace. Living each and every moment. 

But from time to time she stops. 

Scrolling through the pages. Dress after dress. Short, long, lace, chiffon

To many weddings, to many brides, to many silly ideas in her head

She had her day years ago. No it was not the dress she wanted. But it had been free, a left over from a marriage that did not last

Looking back there was little of it that was truly her. The colors, cream and mauve. Tones of her mother. Brides don’ t to RED!!!!

Now she is past that age. The one where girls become women. And brides in white gowns are born. At best she is champagne or ivory. Blushing pink would cause the world to laugh. And her heart is still to fragile for that. 

So she closes the pages. She looks instead at brightly colored swing dresses and imagines a party instead of a ceremony. Where, if the time comes, he has taken her by the hand to the judge and in quiet solitude the two become one.

The silly girl in her still longing to open the page once more to the short satin gown. The one that remindes her of a 50’s movie queen. And of the funny shoes that look like something Sophia Loren would of worn in a movie if she had been an Alley Queen. Perfect bowling princess heels. Of the teal and red cake embellished with proper 1950’s zigzags and their names on top in a brightly colored pattern that looks like a bowling alley sign. 

Life calls, work wins her attention, and reality becons. Her world is good. Filled with peace and joy and love. And she needs to find gifts for the real brides in her life, and let fantasy stay where it should.


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