A message to my king

My phone chimes and i catch my breath. Those little moments through out the day when your words fill my heart. Last nights heat made me think back to the beginning and i smiled. Who knew a bucket of ice would lead to this. Those days filled with messages and the nights in my tiny one room apartment that gave life to something magical. When our life was work and bowling and late night dinners on the porch listening to the drunk idiots at the bar down the hill. 

I know how much you hate sudden change. How life is smoother when change comes like the summer rain. But you have been my hero. You were the one who asked, no insisted that i move in when that apartment became a lake during the massive rain. You didn’t have to but you did. You were the wonderful man who opened that same home to my daughter and her new family. I watched you and fell more in love with you than before. In  another 15 days i will have shared my life with you for a year. And i consider myself blessed. We both know where i was headed when we met. I was hurt and sad and swimming in the fog of another mans words. I was struggling to be something i was not so that i could feel love. 

Funny thing is that you made me feel all of the love in the world and never asked me to be anything. You were there through it all. Even in the days when i was still trying to fix what was broken and beyond repair. Your gentle heart standing back and seeing what i could not see. From our first conversation you declared i should be treated like a Queen. And you have my love, every day since. I will continue to work every day of my life to be worthy of that title and to treat you like the loving King that you are. 

one day one breath one moment at a time… until the days end, my breath no longer comes and my last moment is spent in your arms. 



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