How was it that he elicited such cravings in her? One touch and she became wanton. If he dared to place his lips on her neck her entire will became lost. And if he simply walked by and grabbed her hair she was putty in his hands.
This day was no different. His kiss good by had left her smiling. His first message of the day made her wish her day was done. She wanted to be home with him NOW. Their love making was never vanilla. They switched back and forth between rolls with ease. Submissive, Dominate, naughty whore or Mommy. She loved them all. There were no rules to what they shared. No boundaries or fear of what was proper. Together they filled each others desires and needs as if it were simple breathing. Neither of them had ever known such freedom to simply be and enjoy.
She loved him, of that there was no doubt. But more than that she craved him. Her want of him seemed to grow with each kiss. And man did he know how to kiss her. The sweetness that built into want into raw hunger left her powerless. His hands quietly telling her what to do. The things he wanted to see. He did not need to speak, his eyes spoke volumes and they screamed his want of her as well.
Work would keep her here a bit longer but her need was pulling at her. So she slipped out of her jeans and slipped her fingers into the soft wetness. This was no time for the slow enjoyment of ones own flesh. This was carnal craving that needed to be quenched. Like magic her fingers touched and tapped at her mound. Finding the perfect rhythm to make her body arch with pleasure. At least the edge was off and she could concentrate again. But she knew that aroma would linger all day. Time for work, she thought as she licked her fingers and grinned at the flushed face in the mirror. She could not wait to go home and get a proper spanking like a bad girl should.

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