Hot Summer Nights

You have to love them… I do. A year ago this guy who was just someone i knew offered to shove me in the ice machine on one of those Hot summer nights. Who knew that it would lead to the best date of my life and this wonderful life i now live.

No it is not all sunshine and roses. But every day is a blessing. We are learning and talking and loving each other. Finding our balance and getting past old issues from past relationships. We are building trust and hope and family.

I have no words to truly describe what fills my heart. But i can tell you that every day i know i am the most important thing in his world. No he is not a great planner. But he is a great kisser. And the way he snuggles me every morning is worth more than gold. A little text message in the middle of a rough day makes everything else easier. And when he says : I love you my Queen…. well there is nothing like it in the world.

So today i am grateful for the heat, and ice machines, and silly games like Desert Island. And that i meet the right man at the right time. And for all of the years to come, potholes and all. Because there is nothing on this planet that you can not fix as long as two people Talk.


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