someone please remind me…..oh yeah thats why

There are days like today when i want to lock the door and go home. People have pushed my button one to many times. They are rude and disrespectful. I have lost 3 hours of work time to those who no showed for appointments and failed to call and say, Hay sorry i cant make it.
I am living with grey roots of my own and wish i could of made myself pretty. But you dont put color on your hair when working on clients. That would be unprofessional.

But then there are days like yesterday when i got to make a sweet clients day. Her life is a rollercoaster right now. Parental divorce, family shuffling, moving from her life long home to a new city, and the loss of her pet. But when she left that smile was electric.
And so was her hair. Rainbows always make smiles. And that is why the door is not locked, and why i will put on my big girl panties. Because you can only do what you can do. and not everyones mother taught them how to behave.

Yes i do love my job and 90 percent of my clients. And the rest are on the fired list.


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