words rattled about in her head
they held no rhyme or reason
just randomness lacking substance

much like the emotions in her soul
she seemed to be feeling everything and nothing
she had words but could not put words to those feelings

then.. she stopped
she listened to the breath that escaped her lungs
and to the beating of her heart, and she knew

life was full of happiness and sadness
the moments that made up her existence had all rattled into one
and she felt them all

sadness, joy, elation and expectation
guilt, and pride, shame and desire
strength, weakness, passion and fire

for to long it was not ok to feel
not ok to let those feelings show
and now sometimes they overwhelmed her

but she embraced them, even welcomed them
they did not need words or labels or explanations
simple acknowledgement was all that was required

So she stopped… and said hello and welcomed them in
like old friends and new loves
and it felt good to feel


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