Camp fire night

It was one of those hot August days that blended into a cool crisp night. The one where you start out in shorts and a tank top and by the time the moon shows up you are hunting for a jacket or a blanket.
I opted for the blanket, and a camp fire. Something about the crackle of pine sap filled logs and the smell in the air made this country girl feel right at home. You could just sit there with your eyes closed and listen to the sound of the world spinning past your ears.
Stars blinked overhead and the crickets chirped off in the darkness. Somewhere around the lake people laughed and music filled the air. But i liked the solitude. I could hear the fish splash in the lake as they ate the bugs that dared to get to close to the waters edge. And some where in a nearby tree the hoot of an old owl told stories in the night.
Silently out of no where came a red hair dog. He padded up to me and was in my lap with one smooth leap. There was clearly no need to fear him. He lapped at my face like a long lost friend. I began to wonder where his owner was until i heard the soft crunch of boots on rocks. Out of the darkness came a man with a sweet smile and a soft laugh. “I see my Partner found a new friend”. Scratching the dogs ears i said “howdy Partner” and laughed at myself. I sounded like the Duke but some how not quite right. I guess a girl could never really pull off that drawl. I guess he could tell that the pup was quite at home in my lap because he did not call him down. But instead dropped his lanky form next to me on the ground. His eyes up cast with a wild twinkle in them.
They had been fishing just around the bend and had ended their day with a game of stick. It seems Partner had decided i had better sticks and had come over to help himself to a new toy. I asked if they had eaten and discovered that their fishing excersuion had not been fruitful. So i offered to share some of my catch. Skillet seared trout were on the evening menu as well as some pan fried potatoes and onion.
Soon laughter filled the air around the campfire as we tried to keep our smores sticks away from that ever log stealing pup.
The hours ticked by and the pile of wood began to dwindle. There in the fading embers of a camp fire another flame began. Small at first but a deffinate warm spot somewhere deep in this girls heart.
As they wandered back to their own camp i eagerly awaited morning and the offer of camp coffee with a side of stick throwing. It seems that pup had lead the way to a new adventure


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