Going to seed

The lady sat on the couch and read to the small child in her lap.
Do you suppose she is a wild flower? Look at those petals, I have never seen a flower with those petals. Do you think she’s a dandelion? A dandelion, oh no. Don’t let her go to seed here.
the lady laughed, Dandelion! Well i guess everything does go to seed. She was pretty sure in her life she had never been a glorious rose or and exotic orchid. surely nothing grown in a hot house. she was more like the flowers on the road side. on a good day she was a daisy, on her best a sunflower.
After the child was tucked in bed, she took her chair and did what any good wildflower does. She turned her face to the moon. there in the darkness she unfurled her petals and thought. Dandelion my ass, i am not ready to go to seed, not just yet.


1 Comment

  1. marcus said,

    July 22, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    love the ending.

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