Tv show conversations

Plural marriage…

We sat and watched that show and talked. I hate it when something mindless makes me think so deep. That entire baby conversation made me realize how deeply i love you. Knowing that i would step back and fade out of it all if someone were able to give you a child. Yes my heart would be broken. But i know how deeply you would love that gift which i can not give you. But no more of that.

Simply to have to share you would be a challenge for me. Once and a while for fun, maybe. But daily? The thought of not having you with me in my bed every night is almost to much. To not be able to reach out my hand and touch your naked skin? It is like a dagger to the heart. We could not share a home. I would suffer to much if i were to see her lying with you on the couch, her head in my spot. How i love our cuddle time. Being there does calm me. The rhythm of your breathing mixed with the beat of your heart. Your arms warm and strong around me.

No, plural marriage is not something i could handle. I have become spoiled in your arms. I know that i have loved others as you have. and i know they have loved me. But never have i felt and so clearly seen in someones eyes the depth of love that i see with you. You are my King, my sweet and wonderful gift. Forever, your Queen.


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