Bridal bullshit

I have a love hate relationship with weddings. They are full of beauty and joy but also full of stress and distress. In my business i deal with them alot. I make bridal beauty and am often an invited guest. But lately i have had no desire to go. The last event i attended with my ex was a wedding. The entire thing broke my spirit. I came home knowing divorce was my only option. since then i have done lots of bridal hair and attending a wedding or two alone. It leaves me feeling weary. This weekend i have yet one more wedding. One of my SPARE kids. A young lady i have known for many years. And while i hope for her continued joy i am still feeling those old pangs. I guess not everyone gets fairy tales. I for one am feeling more like the Wedding Grinch. I can almost bet you that i will be sitting there like the bitter old divorce of the family.At least there are no more on the books for the year. And i think i have learned to say NO. We will see. Maybe someone will supriese me and be there next to me. So not holding my breath.


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