conversations, patience, and the will to be better

I have to start by saying i am a lucky bitch. I have this man in my life who not only loves me but talks to me.Some people may think that is not a big thing, but let me set you straight… It is a HUGE thing.
To have a partner in life who will talk WITH you not TO you is a gift.

Last night after a fast and fantastic use of the bathroom counter we lay on the bed and TALKED. We talked about my wants and my fears about my job. How things have changed for me over the course of the last 10 years and my financial worries. Like no man before he offered to work a second job to let me quit. Dear lord how i love him. I don’t want to quit. I would go mad if i were home all of the time and without my own money. That being said he talked to be about being patient and deciding what i really want. To do the numbers and see what i could change to make my heart and bank account happy.

Today i did just that. I did math and i HATE math. But, because of his gentle encouragement i can see where i am and what i need to do to make some changes for the better. It will not be easy. It is going to take some work and probably a little money to re build some of the things that are currently broken. Mostly it is going to take me learning to use a really big word. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My job used to be my focus but now i want a better life. Money is not my focus, although it is a necessary evil. But a happy man and happy family will make a happy wife. And i want that happiness. I want my home to feel like a warm and welcome castle for my King. And thanks to his calm and patient heart, and to the talk we shared. I now know that i can have my cake and eat it too.


1 Comment

  1. hispetitelle said,

    September 19, 2014 at 12:23 am

    Good for you! Sounds like you’ve taken really good steps.

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