words whirling about my head like the winds of a swirling vortex
feelings and emotions so strong pulling at my head and my heart
a million different directions all at once and only one reaction

people throw around the word Perfection like they toss around the word love
nothing in life is perfect, it is simply accepting the imperfections
and i love our imperfections and how they fill in the holes the other leaves
so whats missing?

It’s to quiet, i can hear my own heart beating and the whoosh of blood in my ears
my breath does not make a sound but my stomach gnarls its self like a staving dog on a steak
i know nothing, feel everything and am still not sure of my own path
so whats next?

like an impetuous child i want it all, and yet i want nothing
I have no patience for what i think i want and am afraid of it
I am a bundle of need and want and fear and words and no words
lacking my ability to speak and yet over flowing with it all

someone make the wind stop spinning
the words stoop spewing
and my heart to find its full peace i this life
reign in the tornado

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