strange randomness

i have some of the strangest conversations with my clients that later lead to deep thought processes.
for example, one client asked me about proper shaving of ones personal regions. It was discussed with clinical professionalism. But later made me think about why i shave and past shaving experiences.
this is the longest time i have ever managed to maintain the playground. Before i would groom and it might take my ex weeks to discover it. Then i would keep it up in hopes of a return visit but nada. So you decide that if the play ground only gets a visit once a month or so then why go to all of the effort. these days the fun is more often and worth the work, even though i will admit i wish it got more direct attention. Call me greedy.

I have talked about parts of my life with certain clients as if they were dear friends, allowed into the deepest darkest parts of my world. They are after all who i spend my time with. we have talked about my previous marriage, my divorce and my fear that i will fuck up and lose the wonderful man in my life. We talk about sex and food. Because everyone knows it is not ok to talk about politics and religion in the salon.

Most recently the conversations have been about my daughter living with my man and i and how it has put a huge wet blanket on my sex life. I had no idea that after 40 having your kid in the same house would make one so self conscious. But it looks like my love shack will be back in full swing soon. She is moving to her dads until her and the husband finish fixing things.

My life has been an open book. Some of the pages tarnished by bad decisions. some of them still blank. But all in all i like the story on them. It has been honest. Bleak and dark at times but it has more rainbow days recently. And i am hoping that the days of sunshine will out way the rainy ones as life goes on.
Thank you for sharing my journey, with all of its strange randomness.


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  1. Gwennie said,

    October 2, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    And thank you for letting us be a part of it *smiles*

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