His conquest

There was such softness to his kiss. It left her breathless with wonder.
There in the dark, lit only by the fiery moon. Her skin alive from his touch.
She wondered what would follow and she did not have long to wait
For he began to caress the skin behind her ear, down her pale neck and to the roundness of her breast.
Looking up at her he smiled and kissed her cleavage as if it were carved from the heavens itself.
Her heart raced and her breath came heady and fast. Leaving her swaying from such bliss.
He lowered her to the ground there by the lake and placed soft kisses on her finger tips
Leaving no part of her undiscoverd. By the time the sun broke in its first glorious morning rays
her body had surrendered to him a dozen times. Yet he had only surrendered once. His face flush with pride.
For he owned her. She had never been so desired and so satisfied in her life. And he took great joy from knowing that he was the one who brought her there again and again. Until she had begged him to fill her body.
And in one long last glorious moment they became one and their joy put the sun to shame.


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  1. marcus said,

    October 6, 2014 at 10:10 pm


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