Sex with kids in the house

I have issues with sex. A childhood of abuse and an ex husband who became distant and uninvolved created some mental walls. IF your sexual partners are limited you don’t learn much about your own body. And to be honest all i knew about sex i learned with my ex. So it was uncomplicated and direct. We knew what buttons to push and that was that.

My body is odd. One good kiss and i am a puddle. But to flip the Big O switch takes time and some straight up clitoral stimulation. I like all of the fun positions and play but my brain gets in the way far to often.
And Why the history lesson you ask? Well. I have this wonderful man in my life and we were just getting to the point where i was finally really letting go. I was feeling free and compeletly invested in us. so sex was getting good. I was finally getting out of my own way and he was slowing down and learning all of the right buttons to push.

Fast forward… My daughter moved in with us.
You do not realize how much that effects your sex life until it happens. And then you wonder just how much having children puts a wrench in marriages. Couples meet and begin exploring. Fun happens, and then… Kids.
Part of a womans ability to be that sensual sex kitten vanishes with motherhood. Your ears are always listening down the hall. Your body changes and you feel betrayed by it. And men can develop the Madonna complex. You are not the mother of their children and so how lose that sexual appeal to them.

One might think that you would get past it when your kids are in their 20’s. But NO. Everything changed. There were no more Naked Saturdays. Or naked evenings cuddled on the couch. He did not come home to me in something shear and cute on. It was all rushed, the days of slow play left. Pet names seemed to vanish. And intimacy slowed. We were both feeling the effects of parent hood.

Sex causes children, but children to not cause sex. Children not only hamper but can destroy a sex life. And no matter what anyone says, a sexless marriage is a dead marriage. So i am celebrating the fact that my daughter is moving in with her dad. He is dating but knowing him like i do, there is no worry of her slowing down his sex life. I am looking forward to naked saturdays and internet porn in the living room with my guy. To taking a day to play and explore and to hear him whisper in my ear. I do miss the fun part of being a grown woman who knows what she likes and does not feel like she can not ask for it.

So this is my tale of how kids kill sex. Take it as you like. Share your views. And remember to keep passion alive.


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