Honest expectations.


The holidays are always full of wonderment. We love to give and have family and friends around. But reality is different. We are all spread to thin. Trying to make happiness in times of challenge and change. I have stepped away from fairytale hopes and embraced the honest expectations of life. It is not rainbows and chocolate covered kisses. it is waking up in the arms of a good man. It is seeing my daughters smile when she talks about her first home. It is the joy on families faces when they open gifts i took all year to buy.It i hearing my little man call me Grandma. That is the joy in my life.

Someone asked me what i wanted. And it was an easy thing to answer. Time. I want a .50 appointment book with 2 things written in it. We won a gift certificate for a dance lesson. I want that lesson scheduled and in the book. And we have been trying for months to just take a night or 2 at the hot springs. I want that weekend written in the book. Just my king and i, No phones. Just us. Life needs us in so many places that sometimes we get put on the back burner. I want that time, the space that is just him and i in each others arms. I have no doubt that he will make them happen. Never have i been so sure of anything like i am of this mans love. I see it every time he looks at me with those deep swimming eyes.With every time he grabs my hand. In every tender kiss. This is love and life and it is honest and true.

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