Waiting on perfect

Her hands shook with fear and excitement

Her breath seemed to have stopped long ago

She watched and waited as he stepped up to the line

Just two more and he would be there

That silly joke rang in her head like cathedral bells

She wished she had never made it

But in this moment she wondered and hoped

But No. it was not yet meant to be

And as he came back to her side his eyes brimmed

And his lips uttered a soft, I’m sorry

She smiled at him with love and admiration

How could she not love this man

For who else would try so hard to attain perfection

not for himself, but for her

One day he will bowl that perfect game

And one day he will take her hand in union

they don’t really need to be on the same day

But she will wait, because perfection is worth waiting for

And he is perfect to her


(We made that joke when we first started dating.  Bowl that perfect 300 and i will marry you.And more than once in the last year he has been ever so close. Every time my heart leaps. This last weekend it nearly stopped beating when he was on the edge of that perfect game. I love watching him when he is in that zone, i swear he his 10 feet tall in those magical moments.)


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