White-Wolf-wolves-33748411-737-552    we are all here for the same reason. We need to express. To find a way to share from our deepest places our grief our love our loss and our most perfect happiness. It is here we met Marcus. We followed his words and accepted his praise when he gave it, howls, licks and all.

In this moment we sit here stunned by his tragic loss and the suffering of his family. And as a community of word smiths all we can do is write our grief. Share our happy memories and send abundant prayers to his family. He was admired and loved by all. And we want his lady wolf to know that. For sometimes there is nothing better than to know how others lives were touched by someone loved so deeply and taken far to soon. Felicia, know that he was deeply admired and that we share a little of your grief, and we would all take a piece of it from you if we could to soften your sorrow.

May we all continue to honor his memory by being better people. By loving those around us a little deeper. And by never stopping the words. Because there is magic in them.

Farewell Sir Wolf. You made us all howl at the moon and we will never look at it the same again.

At least now i know why my local wolf pack was in such turmoil last night. They were spreading the word. The pack is one wolf short.


This morning i heard a song that reminded me of our lost friend. I wanted to take a moment to stop and kindly remember him and his dear wife. I strive daily to show the depth of love these two shared so openly. Your words are missed. I hope that your lady wolf has found some solace and that on a good night in the moon light she still hears your howls. 11/25/2015


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