Writing for me has always been a release. A way to let go of what ever is pent up inside. Especially when i have no one to actually talk to. These days my king gets my words. He asks for them. So i find myself writing less often. I have written lately but nothing i wanted to share. things that went into my personal pages. Letters to my king for another day. I am still full of emotion and passion and fire. But i have someone to share that with in physical ways, in real honest ways. For the first time in my life i have a partner. Not a master or a dom. But a partner in this life.

Recently i have had some health issues. He has been my rock. Calm and loving. His family has wrapped me up in a cacoon of love. I will be needing some minor surgery. and for the first time in life i know i will wake up to a loving face. I will not leave the hospital alone or in the care of a friend. He will be there by my side. That knowldge brings a tear to my eyes and joy to my heart. When this man asked me to be his wife there was never a doubt. I have seen the love in his face, i have felt it in his touch and heard it in his words. No he is not perfect. But he swears i am. And i love him for that.

So if i am missing. it is not because there are no words. It is because there are so many more than there are pages. And i am living them instead of just writing them. And that is amazing.