living with my choices

some days those are a challenge. Its the little things, like calling my mother. I try to be patient and understanding but she is just so damn negative. At least these days i can just say to her what i need to say and let it sit. She does not have to like it, simply accept it. I guess sometimes boldness is a good thing.

And then there are the things i do out of eager excitement. When i forget to Talk to  my partner. things i should of included him in. Or at least included him in more. Those darn moments when i think i have communicated enough but havent. I hate it when we end up on separate pages despite our best efforts.

life, despite our best attempts is not perfect. But i love living in those imperfections. I just wish from time to time that the moments were easier.That conversations flowed with greater ease. That a difference in opinion did not lead to trauma or drama or hurt feelings. That mental things did not happen on the same day that physical things are being a challenge. That money could grow on trees, at least every once in a while.

But i have to be honest. My choices have made me who i am, they have put me in places where i learned amazing lessons. They have made me strong and shown me when it is ok to be weak. I have learned who i can trust with my everything and who i need to keep, if not walls then at least armor, around to be safe. Moving forward in life is a great thing. But in moving forward you have to let go of the past, or at least put it in it’s proper place. You do not have to erase it, because you may unlearn the lessons. But you have to put it away where it can do the least amount of harm.

I am happily embracing tomorrow. I am living in this moment. And i am learning that it is ok to make mistakes. As long as we learn from each and every one, and make the next moment a better one.


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  1. March 5, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    All of that!!!

    Well said ❤

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