It was the end of what felt like the longest day on earth. Her body ached in places she had long ago forgotten. And her brain was tired from to many ideas rolling around in it like marbles on a tilt a whirl. She sat with her eyes closed and her tea cup in her hand, trying to soak up the heat from a fire that was refusing to burst into life. It acted like she felt, just a bare flicker of life.

The chime of her phone brought her back to reality. His message that he was on his way home. She smiled and then sighed as she poked at the fire and dared it to die. Pulling herself from the hearth she padded to the kitchen trying to create a dinner in her head that would not take forever to make. Nor cause 100 dishes to be washed after. Knowing that he had a long week too spurred her to put in that spare energy. Dinner would be warm and comforting and filled with love, even though she was exhausted.

By the time  he hit the door the kitchen smelled of wonderful aromas and she was there with a cup of hot tea in hand. The fire was now roaring warmth and her king was greeted with smiles and kisses. His appreciation was all she needed to feel more alive. He wandered through the kitchen smiling and commenting on the perfection of her cooking. Boldly declaring that he was fully spoiled and one lucky man to boot.

Taking her in his arms he nuzzled into her neck and thanked her for being his wife and for always keeping faith in him. He let her know that  he was aware of how tired she was, and that her efforts never went un noticed. After dinner he took her plate to the kitchen and brought her another cup of tea. There on the couch he held his queens hand in his as if it were his most prize possession. His gentle touch warming her more than the fire or the tea.

That night as they lay in bed, he folded her in his arms and breathed her in. The scent of her making him flush with excitement. His whispers in her ear holding promises of tomorrow and filling her heart with declarations of his undying love.

Sleep well my Queen were the last words she heard as she drifted off into peaceful slumber and began to dream of the fun tomorrow would hold in the arms of her King.


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