Honest is Honest

Life has been perfect. Full of love and passion and the best conversations of my life. Then you asked me to be your wife. And i could not have been happier. But the panic set in. And with each passing day i fear that i will fail to continue to be the woman of your dreams. Life creeps in and we do not always have the time or energy to engage in the more physical and intimate aspects of our love. And i panic. I do not ever doubt your love, But i do have moments when i doubt your desire. And i shut down. Willing to accept a lack of physical love because the rest of life is so full of good. I forget that you are so much like me and need to feel pursued. That i need to take the lead some times. That you will not tell me NO. That i left that life and its emptiness behind. And that i am now fully blessed with a life and a love that embraces me and my flaws. I do not come to you with an empty suitcase. I come to you with a cargo trunk full of life past. But each day i find more comfort in your arms that allows me to empty out the pieces of my past and to make room for OUR future. I can not promise you that i have let go of all of my past chains.  But i do promise you that with each kiss, with every time you hold my hand, i am letting go of the things that caused me pain and led me to doubt. Because that is not the here and now. You are my King, and soon i will be the queen who shares your last name. And i do so with joy in my heart and a love overflowing.

1 Comment

  1. hispetitelle said,

    March 30, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    So good to let go of the past and embrace what you have and what is to be.

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