a different woman

i realized that i had not been here in a long time. I realized that i had not been HER in a long time either. The woman who began writing in this place. She was a broken mess trying to find someone. What she found was, who she was NOT, and who she really WAS.

And yes she found someone too. Not just anyone, but that man who loved her flaws and all and did not wish to change a single one. The man who loved her above everything else in his world and proved it day after day.

I know now that i tend to NEED to write when my life is falling apart at the seams. It is the processing of the pain. I love writing fantasy and luscious smut. But these days i am living it instead of writing it. I found my equal, my partner, the one who helps me live my fantasies in the middle of reality. There is no judgement or lack of trust. It is heaven. Hard to believe but life is as perfect as it can be.

I married my King on the 15th in a ceremony that was truly US. Our bowling alley wedding was, as our friends have said, the most romantic they have ever been to. Every line of the ceremony was OURS. Written by us, officiated by a dear friend, witnessed by family and friends and celebrated it high heeled bowling shoes under hand made decorations. In a word PERFECT.

I know that life will have its moments of trial.But with this man at my side, calling me his QUEEN every day i know that we will make it.

I am not sure when i will feel the need to write again. I hope to continue writing from a place of love and joy. But know that i am happy, and blessed and loved, and that is all this woman needs.156

1 Comment

  1. hispetitelle said,

    June 4, 2015 at 1:38 am

    Congratulations! Many, many, many happy years together.

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